What is the FiTPLAN all about? Hayley, 32, Australia

FiTPLAN stands for:








The ‘FiT’ part of the name represents the fact the plan is based on a holistic approach to exercise, while the ‘PLAN’ part represents the key areas of your life that will be addressed, as each is important when it comes to achieving lasting health, fitness and weight loss.

The FiTPLAN incorporates all the key elements needed to lose fat, get fit, move optimally, sleep better, manage stress and learn how to eat well. It focuses on safely progressing your exercise at your own pace and gives you varying lengths of workout so you can always find time to fit something in. Over all you get 54 different workouts all for one low price!

I’ve not exercised before and I am worried about hurting myself. What level is this plan aimed at? Jane, 43, UK

The plan is designed for complete beginners up to advanced exercisers. The movements look very simple to start with and progressively get harder the more you develop. There is a strong emphasis on getting the movements right from the start and exercising safely, so you not only avoid injuries but also build up your confidence.

Do I need to buy gym equipment to do the FiTPLAN? Bob, 57, UK

Some equipment would be useful but it’s not essential. For example, some exercises might ask for a step box to step up on to, but if you don’t have one, you can use your stairs. Or, where weight is required, you could use a tin of soup, a full litre water bottle or simply some shopping in a bag.

I don’t like working out in front of others. Does the FiTPLAN need me to go to the gym? Jane, 41, UK

No. The FiTPLAN doesn’t require a gym membership. It is designed without lots of equipment so can be done anywhere, anytime. It challenges you mainly using your own bodyweight.

I have a busy life. Can your plan help as I don’t have much free time? Aimee, 30, UK

The FiTPLAN and OPT Optimum Wellness Platform are both designed to be time effective as this is one of the biggest barriers to people exercising. The FiTPLAN gives you the option of 10-, 20- or 30-minute workouts for complete beginners and intermediate exercisers. This gives you options depending on how busy your day is. Although a 10-min workout doesn’t seem long, the intensity means you get an effective workout and doing it four times per week means you’ll get 40 minutes of high-quality training.

The OPT Optimum Wellness Platform provides longer workouts of 45-60 minutes with more detail and it’s more specific to your body type. It provides ways to progress each exercise so you can ultimately become fitter and stronger.

I've had a few trainers in the past and they have each told me different things about the best exercises to do. What makes your information different? Mary, 56 USA

The FiTPLAN and OPT Optimum Wellness Platform are based on 20 years of knowledge and expertise to provide clear, logical, scientifically based exercises as recommended by top fitness authorities worldwide. Rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all approach, the FiTPLAN gives you exercises tailored to your body type and posture.

The FiTPLAN puts you into a category based on your spinal alignment then gets you to follow the exercises that are most effective for your structure. The OPT Optimum Wellness Platform takes this to the next level, being even more specific to your body.

I’ve been told there’s more to losing weight than exercising and dieting. What are your views on this? Bryan, 41, Australia

I completely agree. By looking at only two elements that make up your health and fitness profile, you are limiting your chances of success. Although people can lose weight just by changing their food intake and upping their exercise, the weight can come back if they don’t also address stress levels, sleep patterns, possible food intolerances, mental attitude and gut health, which can all impact on someone’s weight and health. The FiTPLAN takes into consideration lots of these aspects and provides you with clear guidelines on how to move towards optimum health, wellbeing and fat loss.

I sit a lot and my posture isn’t great. Does the FiTPLAN take this into account? James, 35, USA

Yes, the FiTPLAN takes into account the three most common postures: neutral, kyphotic and lordotic spine. We refer to these as N-posture (for neutral), C-posture (referring to the shape of the upper back in kyphotic posture), and S-posture (referring to the exaggerated S shape of a lordotic spine). At the beginning of the plan, we recommend you get someone to take a photo of you standing sideways on. Then, refer to the guidelines in the manual to work out which posture you most closely resemble. From there, follow the workout designed for your posture type.

The OPT Optimum Wellness Platform provides even more details for postural correction, including other less common posture types as well as specific rolling, stretching and mobilisation techniques and high intensity workouts. The Online Personal Training service takes this to the next level by assigning you a qualified trainer to correct you while you work out, making sure you move to the best of your abilities in a safe way.

I’m in my 60s and walk regularly. Will the FiTPLAN be OK for me or will it be too difficult? Bryan, 63, USA

Yes, the FiTPLAN will work for you as it’s designed for all levels. It is especially important to develop and maintain muscle mass and bone strength as we get older, as well as balance and coordination, which will decline if you don’t regularly use and work on these physical skills. With the focus very much on posture, the plan will be helping you maintain the important muscles responsible for keeping you strong and supple.

I’ve been shown exercises in gyms and health clubs but I forget how to do them. Does the FiTPLAN give me a way of remembering what to do? Heidi, 23, N

Yes, the FiTPLAN has picture of all exercises and a simple step-by-step guide on how to perform each move. Additionally, the OPT Optimum Wellness Platform offers more exercises along with videos of each one and complete workouts, so you just have to press play on your phone, tablet or computer.

I want to get lean but my focus is all over the place. One day I eat well and exercise and then the next I’m really undisciplined. Does your plan address this? Sue, 53, Scotland

Yes. The ‘A’ of FiTPLAN stands for ‘attitude’. We all have good and bad days, and the secret is to not beat yourself up about it and to refocus. The CHANGE YOUR LIFE section digs deeper into the various road blocks you might be facing. The various questionnaires show you where you need to change the most, and the solutions section helps you make mental changes so you remain focused and see results.

I never have enough energy to exercise as my sleep is so poor. What can you do for someone like me? Bobby, 59, USA

This is a common issue for people wanting to improve their health and fitness. The CHANGE YOUR LIFE part of the FiTPLAN has a section on sleep, which can have a huge influence on your health, energy and food choices. It gives you practical advice on how to implement strategies to correct poor patterns and boost your energy levels.

Can the FiTPlan help me eat more healthily? Whitney, 30, USA

Yes. The FiTPLAN gives you lots of food knowledge to help you know why you should be eating certain things and which things you ought to avoid and why. It also contains some great breakfast choices to start your day the right way.

I’m bloated all the time and can never get rid of my protruding belly. Can you help? Joanne, 45, Scotland

The CHANGE YOUR LIFE section asks you questions about your lifestyle and food intake then makes suggestions to reduce bloating.

You talk a lot about beginners but I am used to exercising and like to train hard, so will the FiTPLAN be challenging enough for me? Mark, 25, USA

The FiTPLAN is as challenging as you make it. You’ll use your whole body with full ranges of motion: something most people don’t achieve during exercise, or are taught to do my most personal trainers. Also, once you’ve completed the FiTPLAN you can move on to our OPT Optimum Wellness Platform, which offers more advanced workouts.

I want to lose weight but in the past I’ve often injured myself when exercising. Does your plan cater for this? Bryony, 54, UK

It may be that in the past you were ill advised when working out, or developed poor movement patterns that over time led to weakness or overuse in certain areas of your body. With the FiTPLAN we focus on your posture and correctly performing each exercises so you set a good foundation. We aim to get your body moving well right from the start so you avoid injuring yourself.

I love the FiTPLAN as it has helped me shed stubborn weight I’ve struggled with for years. How can I now take my training to the next level?

Our OPT Optimum Wellness Platform has an enormous database of information to take you on further. We have advanced programmes, 30-min, 45-min and 60-min plans, plans specific for injuries and rehab, and plans specifically for performance, strength and fat loss. Also we have videos showing you the correct movement and more than 500 articles about health, fitness and fat loss, plus recipes, advanced testing, food plans and more. The advanced plans are designed to increase your skills level at your own pace. Going up a level at a time in which difficulty gets harder and harder as you progress, allowing any level to gain competency at exercise.

Additionally, our Online Personal Training service allows you to train from anywhere in the world and get an expert to motivate you, challenge you, and make sure you are moving correcting, optimally and safely to the best of your abilities.